Cordelia A Gaffar


Hi, I’m Cordelia — and I help leaders courageously embrace their emotions and create internal sanctuaries where they are free to be whole and empowered to work harmoniously with others.

When we work together, I guide you to see yourself as you truly are, and as others perceive you, so that you can face your fears, feelings, and insecurities — and find congruence between what you think, say, and do as a leader.

To do this, we focus on 6 key areas: nutritional health, emotional wellbeing, physical health, sleep hygiene, self-awareness, and self-nurturing.

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Discovery Session


Sign up for a discovery call with Cordelia to get a taste of their coaching style and process. This session allows you to try before you commit to a six-session coaching package.

Once you purchase this session, Cordelia will be notified and a link will be sent to you so you can schedule a time that works for you.


6-Session Coaching Package


Sign up for a 6-session coaching package with Cordelia to dive deeper into your Caring Leadership Self-Assessment results and the behavior that might be limiting your leadership effectiveness.

Uncover exactly how to leverage your strengths and your current positive Caring Leadership behaviors to increase team performance, drive deeper connection with your team, and achieve more together.